Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle Care embraces the mantra, “Happy feet make happy people.” Our podiatrists provide comprehensive foot and ankle care from infancy through adulthood. We diagnose and treat a wide range of foot and ankle ailments both conservatively and surgically.

Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle Care offers the following services:

Complete care of foot and ankle related disorders • Diabetic foot care • Routine foot care services • Sports Medicine
Custom-molded Orthotics • Footwear consultations • Pediatric Care • Forefoot, rearfoot, and ankle surgery
Minor in-office surgical procedures • Geriatric Care • Women’s foot care

For the treatment of:

Achilles Tendonitis  •  Aging  •  Ankle Sprains  •  Arthritis  •  Athlete’s Foot  •  Blisters  •  Bone Spurs  •  Bunions
Burning Pain  •  Calluses  •  Corns  •  Diabetes related issues  •  Eczema  •  Excessive Perspiration  •  Flat Feet
Foot and Ankle Injuries  •  Fungal Nails  •  Ganglion Cysts  •  Gout  •  Hammertoes  •  Heel Fissuring  •  Heel Pain
High Arches  •  Ingrown Toenails  •  Infections  •  Leg Swelling  •  Nail Injury/Issues  •  Neuromas
Plantar Fasciitis/heel spur syndrome  •  Plantar Warts  •  Pump Bumps  •  Rheumatoid Arthritis  •  Sports/Running Injuries
Tailor’s Bunions  •  Tendon and Joint Pain  •  Ulcerations

Using the latest technology to better diagnose and treat you:

Diagnostic Ultrasound  •  Digital X-Rays  •  Arthroscopic and Endoscopic Surgical
Techniques  •  Electronic Medical Records  •  Laser Therapy for Nail Fungus