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Associated Press – Plymouth Meeting, PA –
While the world is exploding with Pokémon fever, there is a podiatrist in Plymouth Meeting, PA who is seeing an increase in business. Dr. Nicholas Pagano, a podiatric surgeon and founder of Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle Care, is concerned with the amount of injuries that are spawning from the new craze.
“This gives new meaning to the weekend warrior, people are getting off of their couches and chasing around these crazy things and running into multiple foot injuries. Overuse injuries like plantar fasciitis and tendonitis to direct trauma like stubbed toes and sprained ankles. This is due to wandering around unsteady ground as well as not paying attention to your surrounding environment from staring at their phones.” says Pagano.

It’s a problem that is going to get worse before it gets better. There are a few simple steps that Dr. Pagano recommends to prevent injuries.
“It’s always important to STRETCH prior to activities and if you are going to focus on your phone, have a buddy to be your guide when walking around.”
If you do suffer an injury, hope is not lost and Dr. Pagano is more than happy to help.
“We have instituted a SAME DAY POKEMON Appointment Policy, because of the need for immediate treatment. We’re kinda of becoming the Pokémon Urgent Care Center of Montgomery County” says Pagano.

-Thomas L. Waldron, freelance reporter
-If needed to contact Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle Care for an appointment, please call Dr. Nicholas Pagano at 484.681.9485

Hey Drew Brees and Peyton, Let me tell you about Shockwave!

This year elite NFL quarterbacks Drew Brees and Peyton Manning have been stricken with a very common foot problem, plantar Fasciitis with tearing of the fascia.  I’ve also been stricken with a horrendous fantasy football team due to this foot ailment, but that’s another story.

I’ve personally suffered from plantar fasciitis as discussed in a previous blog and it can be very disabling.  It puts it into perspective that these elite athletes, with the best tretament options and care available are still suffering and don’t heal immediately.

Imagine the recovery time for your 37 year old podiatrist who has no personal trainers and a 3 and a 1 year child to chase around 24/7. (No rest).

Plantar Fasciitis is inflammation of a ligament that extends from the heel to the forefoot and is responsible for maintaining the integrity of you foot structure.  It’s extremely important. When you experience tearing and inflammation, every step can hurt.

Treatment consists of stretching, rest and supporting any foot deformity that may cause your issue. Injections can be helpful and physical therapy has been wonderful for my patient.

But I have something NEW:

Treatment Method for Sports Medicine injuries

Extracorporeal Sound Wave Therapy

Extracoporeal Sound Wave Therapy is a new treatment option (also known as EPAT) that has become a staple in my practice.

Extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology (EPAT®) is the most advanced and highly effective non-invasive treatment method based on the use of pressure waves that stimulate healing in areas of injury (like the plantar fascia) by enhancing blood circulation to speed up the healing process. Damaged tissue is able to reform and heals.

This is a great option to avoid steroid use, limit non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs (to avoid side effects) and allow my patients to continue to live their lives while healing.   One appointment a week and a range of 3-7 treatments total for recovery.  The treatments take between 15-30 mintues at a time. I perform the treatments.

This new option has made such an incredible difference for my patients!

So if you are like our NFL superstars or a weekend warrior like myself and you are suffering from tendon pain, Ankle Sprains, Heel pain, neuromas and other sports injruies, avoid the needles and boots and come in for an evaluation.

You deserve to get better!

To make an appointment call: 484-681-9485 or email us at info@barkingdogspodiatry.com


75 Degrees and Sunny: What a great day for the Broad Street Run!

Hope everyone had a great day yesterday at the Broad Street Run! The weather couldn’t have been better and Broad Street was full of supporters.

This is still one of my favorite races and looking forward to running it again.

Thanks to all the Barking Dogs Supporters who wore our shirts to  the race!!!!


Broad Street Run Slefie

Broad Street Run

Broad Street Run

SEPTA Train to The Start Bravery


Broad Street Run Post Race

Speed Demon!!!

La Salle University’s Toniann Cummins (Razzi)

Broad Street Barking Dogs

Braod Street Run Pre Race Looking Good in the Orange


Trail and Tails 5K this Weekend!! RUNNING WITH YOUR DOGS? WHY NOT

The Whitpain Trails and Tails 5K and 1 mile Fun Run at Prophecy Creek Park is on November 9th at 9am. We are happy to be a sponsor for this race. It is a great course, reminds me of my old cross country days. It’s an all grass course (rare to find these days) and Prophecy Creek Park is scenic and beautiful right in the heart of Whitpain Township. Please join us to support the community as proceeds will go towards building both a dog park and walking trails! Please note: You can run with or without a dog.

You can register the day of the race or at the website link below:


Happy Running!!!

Heel Pain is SO HOT RIGHT NOW!

One of the most common problems that come into my office is heel pain/plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is the result of faulty mechanics in the foot and ankle and results from repetitive trauma/overuse.

A lot of my patients pause when I tell them “trauma” and say, “I don’t remember any trauma!”

You probably don’t remember any trauma because WE TAKE WALKING FOR GRANTED.  (Caps lock means I’m yelling)

It’s dangerous out there in our “concrete jungle” that Jay-Z raps about. Every step that you take can lead to stress on the plantar fascia and can lead to the development of the pain you feel on the heel. Now, our population is becoming more active (Couch to whatever K, Cross-fit, Zumba, Yoga,  etc) and something like heel pain can cause a big problem.

But plantar fasciitis is different. It is a combination of pain consisting of the small tears in the ligament, the swelling that accompanies it and also nerve entrapment due to the swelling all causing you pain.

I always say to my patients, “This is why this hurts like nothing else.”

So what’s the solution? I believe in the body’ s ability to heal itself.  Rest can help, but we are walking creatures.  So we need to correct the mechanics (the way you are walking) and eliminate the causative factors.  This may involve support with an orthotic device, stretching, physical therapy and controlling the inflammation.  Nothing better than a good stretch! (See Below)


I wish I had a cookbook way of fixing this problem, but every patient is different…and special, of course. I start with my evaluation, getting a clear history and performing an x-ray to rule out any underlying problems.

With a multiple treatment approach, I have seen great outcomes.

If you are suffering from heel pain, there is nothing better than making an appointment and starting you on your way to a healthy life.

Let’s get you better. Dr. P




“Two men enter, one man leaves!” was the chant that I remember when watching Mad Max back when Mel Gibson was a good actor and only thought to be interesting instead of completely crazy.

The summer and vacation seasons bring on alot of foot injuries and pain to many patients. Immediately flip flops come to mind. But is it the flip flops themselves, or is it something else.

1. Too much too soon: The Disney World Injuries.

Many patients come home from a log relaxing vacation and don’t understand why their heels hurt or their toenails are black and blue.  We ALL work hard, but most of our jobs require us to do a fair amount of sitting and grueling it out behind a computer desk. Then we go to Disney World and chase the kids around for a minimum of 22 hours a day.  Proper training is required for any activity, this includes walking.  We often don’t look at walking as exercising, but it is; and an increase in your level of activity. You keep up this pace for a 5-7 day trip, you should expect to have some discomfort.  Believe it or not, when you are gonna go on a long trip that requires a lot of walking; you need to get in shape for it. Light walking leading up to the big trip will make your vacation more enjoyable and foot pain free

2. But Doctor, I look cute in Flip Flops!

Most podiatrists will tell you the negatives of flip flops, and I’m not going to be different.  There are certain flip flops that offer you absolutely no support at all. Unfortunately, there are some feet that need to have support. That is my only problem. Certain people require certain things. If you have the perfect foot type that doesn’t require support, god bless you and your flip flop feet! If you start with your flip flops and don’t break them in: expect injuries. If you require the extra support in your shoes, look into a company called ORTHAHEEL. They offer orthotic like support without sacrificing style. (At least thats what my wife says.)

3. The Vacation Superhero

It’s always fun to go vacation and try something new. While we may work all day and come home and go to sleep when at home, the schedule of a vacation day can be alot different. 6 am yoga class followed by a 10 am tennis lesson (that you haven’t played in ten years) and then follow it up with water skiing for 2 hours. It will be one of the best days of your life, keep in mind, but you should expect to pay some taxes in the currency of foot and joint pain for the remainder of your trip.

What can you do? Prepare.  Strengthen your feet prior to your trip. Simple exercises like marble pickups and light stretching to the foot and ankle can accomplish these things. If you expect to be a vacation superstar, be prepared to come home and still be the same wonderful 9-5 pm superhero that you always were.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but a little prevention can save you alot discomfort post pina colada.

4. Skin protection.

How many times has your friend pointed out their savage tan after a vacation, and watched them limp away due to sunburn on the feet. When your lathering up prior to your trip to the beach (SPF 50 for me, thanks to Mom’s irish skin tone thatI’ve inherited), many times we forget to protect the skin on the top (dorsum) of our feet. This can be EXTREMELY dangerous. Melanoma does not discriminate. I have had an increase in melanoma in my office and this is very preventable. So don’t forget to cover them dogs up before you go out in the sun!

The summer is fun, vacationing is fun, it’s what we all work our tails off to do. Sit back and take a break for a few cherished days. Take the time and use your head this summer and protect, prepare and enjoy your feet. They’re willing to carry you, you need to be willing to pamper.

Let me ask you a question: How many of my readers have ever had sunburn on their feet?

Have a great summer, and will be talking to you soon….the Philadelphia Distance Run is coming up, let’s get training!