Spenco Teams up with Legendary Shoe Retailer to Host Medical Events in New York City

A series of professional Medical Nights sponsored by Spenco helped educate New York City podiatrists on the benefits of Spenco’s insoles and footwear.

The May events, held in conjunction with the well-known local Eneslow footwear store, helped educate members of the medical community on new options for patients with foot problems.

About 15 podiatrists and some assistants attended the catered events, where they received a tour of the Eneslow stores and custom orthotics production room.

Dr. Nick Pagano, one of Spenco’s resident podiatrists, gave a history of Spenco Medical Company.

He demonstrated the features of the company’s flagship Total Support® Insole, as well as other specific types of insoles, including the new Spenco MedicsTM Diabetic Insole.

“The benefit of events like this is exposing doctors to new and different products that may help their patients,” said Spenco Product Manager Brian Mangione. “Not everyone needs custom orthotics, and podiatrists can help those patients more quickly and affordably with other options.”

Each doctor received a complimentary pair of Spenco footwear, which Eneslow carries.

Dr. Pagano Making TV Debut for Spenco Medical on QVC

Here we come QVC!!!!! We are very excited to announce that Dr. Pagano will be representing Spenco Medical as an on-air expert Guest on QVC!

Dr. Pagano has a long history with Spenco beginning back in his shoesalesmen days at the Jenkintown Running Company. In fact, if it wasn’t for the Spenco 3/4 arch supports, Dr. Pagano’s running career at LaSalle University would’ve been cut short. We are excited to begin this new step for Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle Care and excited to be part of such a great companies like Spenco Medical and QVC!!!

Tune in this Thursday 4/10/2014 for Dr. Pagano’s first presentation (or set your DVR’s) between 3-4 AM.