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Associated Press – Plymouth Meeting, PA –
While the world is exploding with Pokémon fever, there is a podiatrist in Plymouth Meeting, PA who is seeing an increase in business. Dr. Nicholas Pagano, a podiatric surgeon and founder of Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle Care, is concerned with the amount of injuries that are spawning from the new craze.
“This gives new meaning to the weekend warrior, people are getting off of their couches and chasing around these crazy things and running into multiple foot injuries. Overuse injuries like plantar fasciitis and tendonitis to direct trauma like stubbed toes and sprained ankles. This is due to wandering around unsteady ground as well as not paying attention to your surrounding environment from staring at their phones.” says Pagano.

It’s a problem that is going to get worse before it gets better. There are a few simple steps that Dr. Pagano recommends to prevent injuries.
“It’s always important to STRETCH prior to activities and if you are going to focus on your phone, have a buddy to be your guide when walking around.”
If you do suffer an injury, hope is not lost and Dr. Pagano is more than happy to help.
“We have instituted a SAME DAY POKEMON Appointment Policy, because of the need for immediate treatment. We’re kinda of becoming the Pokémon Urgent Care Center of Montgomery County” says Pagano.

-Thomas L. Waldron, freelance reporter
-If needed to contact Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle Care for an appointment, please call Dr. Nicholas Pagano at 484.681.9485

Spenco Teams up with Legendary Shoe Retailer to Host Medical Events in New York City

A series of professional Medical Nights sponsored by Spenco helped educate New York City podiatrists on the benefits of Spenco’s insoles and footwear.

The May events, held in conjunction with the well-known local Eneslow footwear store, helped educate members of the medical community on new options for patients with foot problems.

About 15 podiatrists and some assistants attended the catered events, where they received a tour of the Eneslow stores and custom orthotics production room.

Dr. Nick Pagano, one of Spenco’s resident podiatrists, gave a history of Spenco Medical Company.

He demonstrated the features of the company’s flagship Total Support® Insole, as well as other specific types of insoles, including the new Spenco MedicsTM Diabetic Insole.

“The benefit of events like this is exposing doctors to new and different products that may help their patients,” said Spenco Product Manager Brian Mangione. “Not everyone needs custom orthotics, and podiatrists can help those patients more quickly and affordably with other options.”

Each doctor received a complimentary pair of Spenco footwear, which Eneslow carries.

Starting them young! My time with Upper Dublin High School

I had a great experience last week when my friend Megan Gallagher invited me to speak about podiatry to students at Upper Dublin High School.
I’ve been blessed to have alot of experience with public speaking from QVC to podiatry conferences, but from some reason, I was very nervous about speaking to a group of 16-18 year olds.
I thought about when I was 18 years old at Archbishop Wood High School and the last thing I wanted to do was look at people’s feet all day! How would I deliver a message to myself at 18 that would hit home. Why did I become a podiatrist?
It was simple: To Help People.
I told the students my background, about medical school, my residency, a couple showstopper stories (maggots and other unique experiences) but I decided to pushed the “why” of our profession.  (I love this TED talk in the link)
Podiatrists have the ability of preventing and treating problems that can be life changing. Most patients will see their podiatrist more often than any other doctor because of their periodic appointments. It is at these appointments that we may either treat a problem or direct them to the proper physician.
You know doc, I’ve been dizzy” or “You know doc, I’ve been falling alot.” These passing statements need to be acted on to prevent worse issue.
So when I was talking to the students, I explained to them that it is not always about the feet, but in my practice, it’s about treating the PERSON.
If anyone has been my patient, I joke that sometimes their appointments are more like a SOCIAL HOUR than a doctor’s appointment. It’s that friendly approach that allows my patients to be comfortable, open up and discuss their lives.
So remember students, Podiatry is a specialty that focuses on care of the feet, but more importantly, it’s about the care of the PERSON.

Barking Dogs Podiatry Family Business
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Spread Holiday Spirit for Local Families with Barking Dogs and the Angel Tree!

Barking Dogs is excited to be part of the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree program. Participation is easy!  Just stop by the office at:

1000 Germantown PIke; Suite C3

Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

Pick an “Angel Tag” off of the tree and purchase a gift for the age group on the tag.  For less than $15 you can make the holidays brighter for someone in need.

Please help us make this a success and put a smile on a child’s face! For further directions, please visit our website at:

Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle Care

Angel Tags

Angel Tags

From the Salvation Army:

Along with the familiar Red Kettles, the Angel Tree program is one of The Salvation Army’s highest profile Christmas efforts. Angel Tree was created by The Salvation Army in 1979 by Majors Charles and Shirley White when they worked with a Lynchburg, Virginia shopping mall to provide clothing and toys for children at Christmas time. Since then, the tradition has expanded and now is the cornerstone of The Salvation Army’s Christmas efforts.

Namaste or “That Nasty” Wart: Tales from a Yogi with Skin Troubles

I love yoga for my patients! Its an excellent way to keep yourself in great shape and the overall health benefits are endless.

My wife always makes sure to bring her own yoga mat to her classes.   Everytime I would go with her to class, (I’m the shakey, sweaty guy hiding in the back of class),  I always use the community mat without a problem.  But there is a benefit to having your own mat.

Yoga is practiced barefoot; potentially exposing you to the virus that causes warts. Warts enter  through an opening in the skin and begin growing. It can be slow growing or rapid, but the major complaint is pain.  These warts tend to spread, both on your foot and to your friends!

So while you are doing your tree poses and warriors, you have to remember that the skin on your feet is at war.  The human pappilloma virus is looking for a home and the results can be painful skin lesions.  This can limit your activity and affect your daily life. Also, THEY CAN SPREAD and they are CONTAGIOUS.

Treatment is best if intitiated early.  Chemical treatments and excision are the standard of care. I prefer to try to treat with chemicals and vitamin supplements prior to cutting them out and putting my patients through a long healing process and wound care.

In the meantime, make sure you keep your mat clean, allow it to air out between use. If you need to use a community mat, bring along some cleaning wipes to remove bacteria, fungus and viruses.

Take these precautions and you’ll be able to enjoy your Shavasana to the fullest. Namaste!

If you think you have a wart or are concerned about an odd skin lesion, please give a call and make an appointment at 484-681-9485!

Dr. Pagano Named to ACFAP Board!

The American College of Foot and Ankle Pediatrics has named Dr. Nicholas Pagano a Board Member at Large. He was sworn in at The 1st Annual ACFAP Podopediatrics Seminar in Miami, Florida on March 28, 2015.  www.acfap.org