New Training Secrets From My Newest Running Partner

November 16th, 2012

Running has always brought me happiness and has been a very spiritual experience.  It has always been a safe place for me.  When I had to think, handle emotions, I could always run and nobody could stop me.  It started at age 11.  It became part of my life in high school. It became my life for four great years at LaSalle.  I’ve had the honor of running with a sub four minute miler, All Americans, National qualifiers, my brother, my best friends and my wife, but today, I found my newest running partner.

My New Training Partner

Today, I strapped up the B.O.B. and went on a short run with my new daughter, Maci.  It was different than any other run.  It was challenging not running with my arms, I never held a steering wheel as tight as I held that stroller handle.  And while I ran, I ran past my past.  I ran by little kids playing little league baseball (watched a kid struck out like I used).  I ran by teenagers crossing over each other and breaking ankles on the basketball court.  I crossed paths with a tall and lanky speedster with curly hair who was 6 months past due on a hair cut. I smiled and I looked down at my new running buddy.  I didn’t care what I looked like, because she was smiling at me.

I felt the excitement I felt running in big races and watching my college friends on the biggest stage. Only today, there was only one person watching me.  And I was happy running again.

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