Heel Pain is SO HOT RIGHT NOW!

October 7th, 2014

One of the most common problems that come into my office is heel pain/plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is the result of faulty mechanics in the foot and ankle and results from repetitive trauma/overuse.

A lot of my patients pause when I tell them “trauma” and say, “I don’t remember any trauma!”

You probably don’t remember any trauma because WE TAKE WALKING FOR GRANTED.  (Caps lock means I’m yelling)

It’s dangerous out there in our “concrete jungle” that Jay-Z raps about. Every step that you take can lead to stress on the plantar fascia and can lead to the development of the pain you feel on the heel. Now, our population is becoming more active (Couch to whatever K, Cross-fit, Zumba, Yoga,  etc) and something like heel pain can cause a big problem.

But plantar fasciitis is different. It is a combination of pain consisting of the small tears in the ligament, the swelling that accompanies it and also nerve entrapment due to the swelling all causing you pain.

I always say to my patients, “This is why this hurts like nothing else.”

So what’s the solution? I believe in the body’ s ability to heal itself.  Rest can help, but we are walking creatures.  So we need to correct the mechanics (the way you are walking) and eliminate the causative factors.  This may involve support with an orthotic device, stretching, physical therapy and controlling the inflammation.  Nothing better than a good stretch! (See Below)


I wish I had a cookbook way of fixing this problem, but every patient is different…and special, of course. I start with my evaluation, getting a clear history and performing an x-ray to rule out any underlying problems.

With a multiple treatment approach, I have seen great outcomes.

If you are suffering from heel pain, there is nothing better than making an appointment and starting you on your way to a healthy life.

Let’s get you better. Dr. P



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