Fantasy Football Owners Beware!!! The Dreaded High Ankle Sprain Will Wreck Your Season!!

October 3rd, 2013

As I retired from competitive sports, I have settled into my second sports life as a fantasy owner.  I’m horrible at it. I’m poor at drafting and I don’t make good weekly decisions with a common occurrence of having my top performer on the bench.  I’ve noticed one injury though that can wreck a season: THE HIGH ANKLE SPRAIN.

In professional sports we often see ankle sprains occur in play and the athlete bounces back quickly.  Sometime, they return to the field during the same game.   With the high ankle sprain, though, you may find your top player on the bench for weeks.  With a short fantasy season (14 weeks on average), this could be the difference between playoffs and Dr. Pagano status (basement).

What are the differences between a high ankle sprain and a normal ankle sprain? 

In a typical ankle sprain, the ligaments that support the ankle can suffer tearing and even rupture, leaving the ankle joint unstable.  This can happen from trauma or simply taking a bad step.  There are 3 grades of ankle sprains,  Grade I being the mildest (strain on the ligaments) and grade III being the worst (rupture of the ligaments).  The injury can be very painful. Recovery involves PRICE (protection, ice, compression and elevation).  After a period of recovery, therapy is utilized to retrain the ankle and supports may need to be worn.  If conservative care fails, surgical intervention may be required to repair. 

The high ankle ligaments are above joint itself.   These ligaments hold the tibia and fibula together. When walking and running, the stability is necessary for function.  If there is weakness or damage here, every step spreads the tibia and fibula and can be excruciatingly painful.  While not as common as the ankle sprains, the damage requires a longer recovery time with possibility of surgical intervention as well. Regular recovery from a high ankle sprain can be as long as 6 months to a year.

So as I scream about the Darren McFadden’s of last year, hoping that he will start this week, I’ve learned my lesson.  Roddy White’s injury has me searching the waiver wire each week for a replacement. Ugh, it’s gonna be another long year, full of fantasy mistakes.

So should I move in on Randall Cobb and Colin Kaepernick for Drew Brees, my receivers are a joke and I’m in last place?




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