Dr. Pagano & Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle Care in the Local Papers!!

December 3rd, 2013

Plymouth Meeting podiatrist offers advice for tackling holiday shopping

Published: Tuesday, November 19, 2013

By M. English

21st Century Media News Service

Dr. Nicholas Pagano, center, stands with his mother-in-law, June Artman, office manager, left, and his wife and business partner, Alayna Pagano, in the office of Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle Care in Plymouth Meeting. Colonial/Life staff photo by BOB RAINES

In a recent blog entry, Plymouth Meeting podiatrist Dr. Nicholas Pagano dubbed Disney World the “happiest place on Earth or the equivalent of the Thunderdome for your feet.” The same might be said of local malls and department stores at this time of year. And with Black Friday rapidly approaching, the good doctor has a few tips for overly ambitious holiday shoppers.

“It’s extremely important to match footwear with function,” advises Pagano, a board-certified surgeon who tends to all kinds of aches and pains at Barking Dogs Foot and Ankle Care, 1000 Germantown Pike. “Many of us lead fairly sedentary lives but think we can spend six hours walking the mall without any problems. Wearing the correct shoes is key … good, supportive sneakers, for example, or well-made shoes that are designed for walking.“Another thing that causes some of the most common foot injuries is overuse. People who make Christmas shopping a full out sport should take breaks, sit down and rest along the way.

Click on the link to read more about Dr. Pagano!!  Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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