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Your Elf on the Shelf is watching…YOUR FEET!!!

Last Friday night,  I was working late in the office when the most interesting patient stopped by.  When I asked his name, he told me it was whatever I wanted it to be.  He signed the consent form and agreed to HIPPAA and we were on our way.

The elf had peculiar looking feet.  As I started my exam, he stopped me and said he had alarming news to share.  “Every night that I go back to Santa and report on my children, I always forget to tell him about the children’s feet.”  I told him to not put so much pressure on elf self and that he was doing a great job.  “But I don’t know what advice to give the children about their feet!” the elf said.

Holy Cow Elf

Holy Cow Elf

“No problem,” I replied, “It’s really quite simple.”  And I listed what every child should do when it comes to their feet:

  1. Always keep your feet clean.
  2. Always check your feet for funny looking things.
  3. Never wear shoes that are too small.
  4. Never pick at your toes.
  5. Always tell your parents if something hurts.
  6. Always take good care of your feet because they’re gonna be around for the rest of their lives.

“That’s easy!” said the elf, “I can’t wait to share this with my families and especially Santa himself!” And with the blink of an eye, the elf was gone….