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Namaste or “That Nasty” Wart: Tales from a Yogi with Skin Troubles

I love yoga for my patients! Its an excellent way to keep yourself in great shape and the overall health benefits are endless.

My wife always makes sure to bring her own yoga mat to her classes.   Everytime I would go with her to class, (I’m the shakey, sweaty guy hiding in the back of class),  I always use the community mat without a problem.  But there is a benefit to having your own mat.

Yoga is practiced barefoot; potentially exposing you to the virus that causes warts. Warts enter  through an opening in the skin and begin growing. It can be slow growing or rapid, but the major complaint is pain.  These warts tend to spread, both on your foot and to your friends!

So while you are doing your tree poses and warriors, you have to remember that the skin on your feet is at war.  The human pappilloma virus is looking for a home and the results can be painful skin lesions.  This can limit your activity and affect your daily life. Also, THEY CAN SPREAD and they are CONTAGIOUS.

Treatment is best if intitiated early.  Chemical treatments and excision are the standard of care. I prefer to try to treat with chemicals and vitamin supplements prior to cutting them out and putting my patients through a long healing process and wound care.

In the meantime, make sure you keep your mat clean, allow it to air out between use. If you need to use a community mat, bring along some cleaning wipes to remove bacteria, fungus and viruses.

Take these precautions and you’ll be able to enjoy your Shavasana to the fullest. Namaste!

If you think you have a wart or are concerned about an odd skin lesion, please give a call and make an appointment at 484-681-9485!